New details emerged overnight concerning the recent Evil Ryu & Oni leakage in Super Street Fighter 4: Arcade Edition! Here’s the rundown:

– In addition to Capcom shutting down YouTube channels with Evil Ryu & Oni videos, Capcom has recently been in touch with streaming giants uStream and asking them not to allow ANY streams of SSF4AE.

Capcom made Arcade Infinity in Southern California (which seemed to be the origin of the leak) reset their machine settings so Evil Ryu & Oni would go back to being “locked.”

– The source of the code leak points back to a Capcom insider who then leaked the code to/at Arcade Infinity. The two characters were not supposed to be “unlocked” until sometime in May.

– A well respected Fighting Game Community member & Video Game Industry/Entertainment Lawyer, UltraDavid, wrote up a legal interpretation of the circumstances. You can read that here!

[via SRK / Barlog_WINS]

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