A New Arcade Hits New England

The phrase “new arcade” is pretty much an oxymoron. Game centers have been dropping like flies ever since the dawn of 3D consoles. So it’s that much more exciting that a new arcade has recently opened up in Pelham, New Hampshire, called The Pinball Wizard. We haven’t been able to obtain a full list of games available, but just from a handful of photos, we can tell this place has a varied selection. Most Street Fighter titles, several Mortal Kombat games, and even some Nintendo Player’s Choice machines are there to gobble your quarters. They even have a Nintendo Super System – something I have never seen with my own eyes. And as the name implies, there are plenty of pinball machines. Expect an Albotas visit, followed by a write-up.

Thanks to our reader, Johnny, for sending this in.

[The Pinball Wizard]