My most anticipated toy so far this year other than the Chinese New Year Android just arrived at my house and I am blown away by it’s awesomeness. Hit the jump for a guided tour of Nakanari‘s most recent figure.

Bam! The first thing you realize when you tear open the blind-box packaging is how shiny the figure is. I’m amazed by how vibrant the red paint came out. I also love the bold black detail lines. Spiki’s head looks like it was molded in one shot, but everything else is a two-piece. The figure is surprisingly heavy – it could probably be used as a weapon. In fact, the box says “Some assassination required.”

It’s a Chinese New Year lucky cat, so it needs a bell around its neck, of course. This part isn’t made of plastic – it’s a real bell, kept around Spiki’s neck with a red cord.

Nakanari’s logo is printed on Spiki’s ass cheek. A nice touch. Spiki’s tail comes in a plastic zip bag and needs to be attached to the body. It feels like it would break easily, so be careful.

The tail is my only complaint about the figure, and at less than $20 after shipping, it’s just nitpicking. I’m pumped I got one of these – I finally have my own Spiki figure.