Awesome Pokémon Sculpture Made Using Marbles.

This is a badass sculpture of Litwick (dude in the middle), Lampent (left), and the alternate “shiny” version of Chandelure (right), the new Ghost/Fire evolution chain from Pokémon Black and White. This was made by Foureyedalien on deviantART who says:

This sculpture took a very long time. With the marbles, I have to bake certain parts over the marble, while others I have to superglue on. Baking alone takes about 15 minutes for one little piece, so that is where most of my time put into this went.

I’ve been wanting to create a scene where this line is in a diorama, however I have been having issues trying to come up with a way they would be able to stay up without the use of wire. I was able to get around it with the gravestones, but if only I had gravity defying clay!

I used marbles for Lampent and Shiny! Chandelure, since everyone seems to love that touch so much. I do admit, it gives a rather lovely effect when the light shines through

Making this out of marbles is a clever move. No doubt they had some left over from being a kid, or maybe knew someone with a Cugolino marble track from Cuboro and asked if they could pinch a few from their collection. It is a very cool example of upcycling. These dudes are totally my new favorites and this game is totally the reason I’ve barely updated the site all week. I’ll be back soon, I promise… just as soon as I beat the Elite Four!