Cave Story 3D Boxart, Release Date, and Website Announced.

You probably played the one-man-made epic indie game, Cave Story when it was released a few years ago for free. You probably played it when it was re-released for the Wii and downloadable for the DSi. Now get ready to pay full retail price for… Cave Story 3D!!!

Okay, so yeah… maybe they’re milking it just a bit, but Cave Story really is a brilliant game. Plus porting is a practice that has been around for a while. Back on topic, developers Nicalis have announced they will be developing the 3D port (just as they did for the Wii and DSi) and have put together a website showing off all the new features, gameplay and trailers.

The game’s 3D aspects are all going to be built from scratch, 3D models, 3D animations, so they are putting effort into it at least. What they haven’t seemed to have put much effort into is the website. It’s a new decade and we’re still using Adobe Flash? Sheesh… maybe find a website designer to put together something a little more modern.

Hopefully, this new release opens Cave Story it up to a whole new audience that exists on the 3DS. It is the most popular handheld at the moment after all. At least until the PSVita comes out in December, don’t even be surprised if we see a release of Cave Story Vita. There’s also talk that a new PC version, Cave Story+, is in the works, but that’s a cave story for another time.

Cave Story 3D is set to drop on August 9th. Check out the official website HERE.