This Darksiders 2 announcement trailer is fresh to Death.

See what we did there? Because Death is the main character? Oh, blogging…

Also, does anyone else think they made Death look a little too much like Skeletor from Masters of the Universe?

They should probably change the name before release to Masters of the Universe: The Skeletor Chronicles and tell their bank to get a bigger vault for all the extra cashflow they’re about to get because of their game’s badass new name that we came up with. And then pay us for coming up with a badass new name for their game. However, we had a look at this great he-man characters list and we’re hoping that most of them will appear in the new game.

For serious though, we could care less what they call it. More God of War combat with Zelda puzzles? We’re down like a fucking clown, Charlie Brown.

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