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Why Yes, Dragon’s Crown Is the Next Vanillaware Game!

My eyes did not deceive me. Dragon’s Crown is indeed being developed by Vanillaware for PS Vita [you heard it first on Albotas!], and as the trailer points out, the PS3 as well. It looks like an awesome-er version of Castle Crashers or the D&D games for Sega Saturn: a 4 player weapons-based beat ‘em up. I haven’t been excited about a PlayStation exclusive in a longass time, but I think this was worth the wait. This game looks ri-ducking-ficulous. It will be out – at least in Japan – sometime in 2012.

Albotip: Dragon’s Crown has a very similar name to an Atlus game developed by the future team members of Vanillaware. Princess Crown was a 2D sidescrolling RPG for Sega Saturn. The game was re-released for PSP. Both versions are Japan-exclusive and pretty expensive, but Princess Crown is definitely not the most text heavy RPG around. If you liked Odin Sphere, it’s worth picking up.