Dragon’s Crown Dev Worked on Capcom D&D Games

In case you didn’t notice, I shit a brick or two when I saw Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown, revealed at E3. At first, I caught a glance at the then-unannounced game and thought “Hey, that looks like a Vanillaware game.” Once the trailer was revealed, I thought “Hey, that looks like the Capcom Dungeons and Dragons games.” Well hey, the head developer of Dragon’s Crown, George Kamitani, actually did work on those Capcom CPS2 / Saturn games. Kamitani also noted that the game was originally planned for Dreamcast. It’s great to be able to make these family trees from the video game industry. Which gives me an idea. I hereby create a new pop-culture phenomenon: 6 Degrees of Hideo Kojima.

[Andriasang.com via 1UP]