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Albotas Goes to Rainbow City!

When I heard that FriendsWithYou were brining Rainbow City to Manhattan, I knew I had to go, despite the 225 mile gap between Boston and NYC. I traveled three and a half hours by bus to Albany, three and a half hours by car to NYC, and then three hours by train back home. But it was totally worth it.

If you’re a fan of FriendsWithYou and live anywhere near New York, you need to go see this for yourself. You rarely get to see little kids and full grown adults having just as much fun as each other doing the same thing, but at Rainbow City, kids and their parents alike were having a blast.

What was meant to be a quick recap video turned out to be a labor of love once I got started. I hope you enjoy the video (and remember to go full-screen for the full effect). Rainbow City is open until July 5, 2011.