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You Got Pokeymangs In My Minecraft!

This is a pretty epic looking Pokemon mod for Minecraft by a dude calling himself SeaGoingManatee and his co-coder Pwootage. It’s called Pokemobs, and while there’s only a few Pokemon available so far, the plan is to eventually incorporate a battling system and all of the original 151 ‘Monz.

Looks like I’ll finally have to break down and download a copy of Minecraft. It’s become so popular that I really might have to give it a try, people can even play online together now and build whatever their minds desire, with EACH OTHER, I think I might have to get a few of my friends together and see if we can get online to see what we can create, as well as hopefully try out some of the newly released mods and see what they’re all about – if I could get enough people together then I may even look into the different ftb server hosting providers as I’ve heard that some of Feed The Beasts modpacks are becoming insane and very fun to play, with many different mini-games and mods offered within Minecraft itself! Oh the possibilities!

Thanks for the tip, Jacob!