While everyone on the east coast was ducking some hurricane named Irene, I was living it up in sunny-ass Manhattan Beach, CA for a day of fun with the Scion I.Q. I don’t really know jack about cars, but I do know about style and freshness, so clearly I was the perfect dude for the job.

The day kicked off with a presentation where we learned a bit about Scion’s history as well as where the company is looking to go in the future. With a strong focus on style, art, and underground music scenes, it might seem at first glance like the company is just trying to lure youth culture into their pockets so they can cash it for a check at the end of the day, but the more I learned about the company, the more it became evident that they actually give a damn about who they’re trying to sell to. When they host events like art exhibits, they’re smart enough not to plaster their logo all over the freaking place, so kudos for that.

But enough about marketing hoopla, on to the car!

First off, the I.Q. been around in Japan and Europe for about 2 years now under the name Toyota I.Q. This car is definitely meant for someone in a dense urban environment where parking can be scarce. At a dwarfish 10-feet long, it’s small on the outside, but surprisingly spacious on the inside. While the guts are constructed in a way that gives the driver and passenger plenty of leg room, space in the back is a bit tight with room for only one or two people, depending on how tall the driver is. Because of this, rather than calling the Scion I.Q. a 4 passenger vehicle, it’s a “3+1” passenger vehicle. All this smallness comes with the added benefit of 37 miles per gallon combined city and highway miles.

And if you hate parallel parking, don’t worry – this thing handles like a dream. With a 12.9′ turning radius, you’ll be slipping into more tight spots than Justin Timberlake’s wee-wee and you’ll most likely be tempted to pull some sick donuts. Just be careful not to flip the damn thing.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QYzfO_Gv6Jk&version=3&hl=en_US]

The Scion I.Q. drops on the West Coast this October, then makes its way Southeast and Gulf States in January 2012, followed by New York and the rest of the East Coast in February 2012. If there’s a car you want that’s not available in your state, you could always consider using cross country car shipping services to get it out to you so you won’t have to wait until it’s released in your area. Scion is doing a Pure Price of $1600 which means you won’t have to worry about haggling or your friends getting the same car as you for less.

Check out Scion for more info.

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