Each month, Kaiyodo puts out a new super-articulated toy for its Yamaguchi series, usually based on a giant robot. Launching today is Eva Unit 06 from the Rebuild of Evangelion series of movies. This one’s got a super cool color scheme, a translucent halo, and a moon that can attach to the back of the figure. A light inside the moon makes it glow and even transmits light to the translucent eyes, making them glow. Very cool.

Next mont will be a double whammy with both Himura Kenshin and Himura Battohsai from Rurouni Kenshin getting the Revoltech treatment. The figures are meant to celebrate the series’ 15th anniversary. I smell a plastic sword fight coming.

November is another month with a double release. First, there’s an alternate Jehuty figure from Zone of the Enders. Figure 103 from April was a figure of Jehuty, but this one is slightly different looking and has a lot of new accessories. I think that’s kind of mean to release two similar figures so close in time to one another. I’m a bit obsessed over Zone of the Enders, so I do want this one, but I just spent $55 on the last one. Pass.

The other November figure is Eva Unit 05 from the Rebuild of Evangelion series. This Eva is a creepy mofo. It’s like a giant praying mantis. But with a giant spear attached to it. The figure is 160cm tall – a good 20cm taller than most of the giant robot editions.

We usually only get to peer two months into the Revoltech future. But this time we get to see all the way ahead into December. And that’s when you can get your hands on this awesome Anubis figure from Zone of the Enders. Those Jehuty figures aren’t going to fight themselves, you know. Being a big fan of the series, I’m probably going to pick this up. But images of Anubis – god of the afterlife, not the giant robot – have always creeped me out. So maybe not…

Check back on the 15th of each month for Albotas’ monthly Revoltech report.