Nathan Drake Vinyl Figure from ESC-Toy LTD.

Walk through the action figure section of your local Wal*Mart or Toys “R” Us and you’re likely to come across dozens of toys being marketed as “urban vinyl” while they’re actually no different from the other mass produced toys thrown onto the shelf from an assembly line. So it’s refreshing when a huge company like Sony lets an actual urban toy artist lend his skills to one of their hugest gaming properties.

Erick Scarecrow just sent us these pics of his upcoming articulated 7” Nathan Drake figure in the OG colorway which drops sometime in October for just $49.99. This figure is limited to just 500 pieces worldwide and comes with DLC for Uncharted 3 which drops 11/01/11.

Pre-order the OG colorway HERE and the Naughty Dog colorway HERE.