I Did a Search for “vinyl toy” on deviantART and THIS is What Came Up

Why does this girl look like she’s from the 80’s?

Where do you even GET a Transformer that size?

Why is she nekkid?

Why is she holding his hand and gazing up at him longingly?

Should human-on-robot relations be accepted in this new age that we live in?

Do you think HoR relations will be the new “gays” and fight for their own marriage rights in the future?

Here’s a description of the photo written by the girl herself, known on deviantART as Adorkable-One:

I have always loved Ultra Magnus since first glance, he is a strong yet humble character. Born to be a leader but rather fight beside the ones he admires as a Soldier to protect us all. My love for him has grown over the years in the form of a figure collection and as of right now this is my crowning glory. This picture represents the second ‘man’ in my life, my secret love affair to an Autobot named Ultra Magnus

The internet is weird.