Is that a PocketStation in your pocket?

One thing I really wanted as a kid was a PocketStation. Whenever I went to a game store, I’d ask about a release date, which kept getting pushed back over and over. Almost ten years later, I finally bought a brand new one on eBay. And it was glorious.

The PocketStation is a “mini PDA” with a 32×32 pixel LCD screen. Games like Final Fantasy VIII came with PocketStation games that could be transferred via the memory card slot. It never came out in the West because Sony couldn’t keep up with the demand from its Japanese customers.

Check out this shot of all four PocketStation variants taken by Flickr member, X-eON. The white and clear ones are standard colors, while the black one came bundled in a limited edition Yu-Gi-Oh game and the pink with a limited edition Tokimeki Memorial game. The PlayStation branded battery (which comes with any new PocketStation) is pretty awesome, too.

You can find the white and clear PocketStations on eBay for under $40, but the limited editions can go for $100 and up, depending on if they’re loose or come with their limited edition bundles.