Tara McPherson‘s 2010 “Lilitu” painting has been transformed into a collectable 8” vinyl piece for Kidrobot Black. These are limited to just 200 pieces worldwide and will retail for $250 each.


Who is she? “This painting is based on the Sumerian myth of the demon Lilitu. Representing chaos, seduction and ungodliness. She is a sexually charged yet infertile succubus who behaves aggressively toward men and children killing them at her every whim, her breasts are filled with poison not milk. In her every guise, Lilitu has cast an evil spell on humankind.”

Whenever I think the toy scene is starting get a little stale, shit like this comes out of left field and blows my brain cells. I’m sick of seeing excruciatingly detailed, sloppily painted, ugly, veiny resin monsters sell for the same price as such exquisite pieces as the one above. I don’t want ugly-ass turd mutants on my shelves, I want art! </rant>

Click through for more pics of the figure and the painting it was inspired by.