‘Real Steel’ X 3A Toys

Back in June, 3A Toys announced that they were going to do 1/6th scale figures of the robots for the upcoming robot boxing movie Rock Em Sock Em Robots Real Steel. Check out these pictures they just released on their Facebook page of the figure for the fighting robot named “Ambush”. This 18” beauty is super detailed and looks even better than the actal prop used for the movie (also pictured). Anyways, you’re going to have to wait to get your hands on this gorgeous figure, as 3A has yet to release any information as to when they’re doing pre-orders for this baby or anything about pricing, which is sure to be rather high.

If you’re itching to see this thing in action before you decide whether or not you want to drop your hard-earned cash for this, then Rock Em Sock Em Robots Real Steel comes out Friday, October 7th.