Spread Eagle in The Sky

Skydive Taft instructor Alex Torres and receptionist Hope Howell pulled of a feat that many have only dreamed of doing. They took to the skies last weekend, proceeded into the mile high club, tandem jumped out of the plane, and continued to bang each other through freefall and the slow drift down via parachute. If that’s hard to believe, Torres (a.k.a. adult film star Voodoo) posted the video on his blog. Unfortunately, the good times were ruined by some sad sack teenager who saw the video and brought it to the attention of the local police. While no criminal charges are being pressed, the video has been removed and the pair are currently under Federal Aviation Administration investigation. Torres and Howell, we salute you for pioneering your craft. *cue Bud Light’s “Real Men of Genius” song*

[Via With Leather]