I hadn’t bought a Revoltech figure in a long time until Gunbuster joined the group of giant robots shrunk down and cast into plastic by Kaiyodo. Yeah, it came out back in February. I know I’m late. Better late than never though, right? Hit the jump for our review of Revoltech No. 101: Gunbuster.
First of all, it’s pretty awesome that Gunbuster has gotten the Revoltech treatment. There isn’t much merchandise for the six episode OVA, maybe because it came out back in the ’80s. For those who haven’t seen the show, Aim for the Top! Gunbuster, directed and co-written by Hideaki Anno, is basically proto-Evangelion. Giant insectoid aliens begin to attack Earth and the planet’s only hope is to use a super powerful robot to battle the aliens. The robot, Gunbuster, is piloted by two girls, Noriko and Kazumi. Their temperamental friend Jung Freud, is even a predecessor to Asuka Langley Soryu. And if her name wasn’t enough of a hint, the show is heavily influenced by psychology, much like Eva.

Gunbuster, being a robot that saved the universe from giant insects, is a pretty big deal, and the show itself was very influential. So Kaiyodo had some expectations to live up to.

On one hand, the figure is great. The anime had a bunch of memorable scenes even though it only lasted six episodes. The figure captures several of those moments such as the Thunder Kick and the robot’s final moments [I’m being vague to avoid spoilers]. There are a lot of extra parts and the figure is a faithful recreation. It can even transform from Gunbuster’s humanoid form to its transportation form. Plus it looks plain old awesome on my shelf.

On the other hand, the figure suffers from issues I thought Kaiyoko had gotten past years ago. Like the original Evangelion figures, the interchangeable parts can be difficult and sometimes impossible to switch out. When Revoltechs were $20 it didn’t piss me off much. But now that they cost $30 to $60, there’s no excuse for this chintzy quality. The other flaw that drives me crazy is the Photoshoppage on the figure’s box. It’s impossible to get those perfectly accurate poses that are featured on the box. I was able to pose the figure in a stance vaguely similar to my favorite moment of the show, but the box features the pose from that moment, and that photo looks way more accurate than what is possible with the figure.

So should you buy it? If you’re a big fan of Gunbuster, then heck yeah. Gunbuster toys aren’t easy to come by, plus this one is of pretty decent quality. Just don’t expect it to be as flexible and posable as most current Revoltech figures. If you’re a casual fan of the show and are more of a Revoltech fan, it might be a pass. The figure’s a pain in the ass to set up and has a lot of small pieces that can be misplaced or lost. I’m certainly glad I bought it, but then again, I’m almost as obsessed with Gunbuster as I am with Evangelion.