Gantz is back, and this time he’s recruiting some of his old graduates.

Picking up about 3 months after the first movie (which we reviewed here), Gantz 2: Perfect Answer begins to forge its own path separate from the anime and manga that it’s based on. There’s still the creepy, bald, comatose dude in a giant black ball that brings people back from the dead and forces them to go on alien assassination missions. There’s still points given out after each mission that members can use to either resurrect fallen comrades or go back to their normal lives. There’s still the awkward, unspoken (albeit unintentional) man-lust between the main character Kei and his BFF Kato. And there’s still those awesome leather power suits and action scenes that you’ll want to re-watch and show off to all your friends.

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While not as action-packed as the first film, this live-action take on the Gantz franchise is definitely the better of the two. It starts off at a slow-but-intriguing pace as a famous idol receives a tiny replica of the Gantz ball in the mail. This mini-Gantz seems to put her under some type of hypnotic trance and sends her on lone missions – only instead of aliens, she’s killing innocent people. All the people she kills wind up being transported to the Gantz room. Is Gantz building some sort of army?


Meanwhile, a detective is investigating the connections between a string of people involved in fatal accidents who go missing, and odd occurrences of destruction throughout the city. It’s through this sub-plot that we’re introduced to the Men In Black Aliens – a group of Yakuza looking bad-asses that seem to know a whole lot about Gantz. They also hate his guts.

But what about the dudes from the first movie?

Well, Kei’s been working a day job to support the recently-deceased Kurono’s little brother along with Tae Kojima a.k.a. the poor love interest who goes ignored for most of the movie. I seriously felt so bad for this girl. She’s shy, awkward, and cute as a button, but the dude she’s crushing on won’t even tell her that he’s been moonlighting as an alien assassin who is trying earn enough points to resurrect his dead friend in a grizzly game of death. Whenever she tries to bring up her feelings, he’s all “Kurno this!” and “Kurono that!” Sometimes he seems a little too into Kurono, if you know what I mean.


While the anime and manga are pretty heavy on the action, Gantz 2 only has three action scenes: an insane fight sequence that takes place on a subway train involving lots of bullets, blood, and dead people, a climactic chase scene filled with explodey gunfights and swordplay, and finally, an insane close-quarters Mexican stand-off where two small armies fire round after round into one another at point blank range.

If you’re hoping to find out all the answers behind the Gantz ball (who the man inside is, where he came from, why he’s there, how it all works, where the aliens came from), you can just put those dreams to bed right here and now. Although it’s called Gantz 2: Perfect Answer, we get anything but. With all the new characters and dilemmas introduced, it probably would have taken a third movie to explain the reasoning behind everything. What we do get is a creative blend of suspense and mind-blowing action topped off with a satisfying and beautiful ending that questions morality, mortality, and what it truly takes to become a hero.

Gantz 2: Perfect Answer is now available in the U.S. as a 3-disc BluRay/DVD combo pack and 2-disc DVD set from NEW PEOPLE Entertainment.

[Disclaimer: A free copy was provided by NEW PEOPLE Entertainment for the purpose of this review]