This Labbit is shiny. And you know nerds love the shiny. Hit the link for our look at the Kidrobot x Kozik 10” Glossy Smorkin’ Labbit.

This showed up to my door in an enormous box. I ripped it open to reveal the toy’s box, which itself is super glossy and uses the same color scheme as the Labbit itself (or at least its red variant). Previously, I had only had blindbox sized and a five-incher. Ten inch Labbits are surprisingly huge. That’s what she said. I had no idea where to even put it. That’s also what she said. It eventually found itself on top of my twirling rack of Dreamcast and Playstation games.

As you might suspect, this toy is pretty darn glossy. The red paint job really pops and draws attention to itself. The paint of the eyes, stubble, and Manson-esque K are glossy too. It definitely works, but I do wonder how matte paint would have looked on top of the glossy red.

So is it worth $60? Well, it wasn’t quite as glossy as I expected, but I still love it. Keep in mind how huge this thing is. You may be forced to sacrifice multiple toys for additional shelf space. If you’re living large and have $60 in your budget, you can’t go wrong with the Glossy Smorkin’ Labbit.