A Little Bit On The Redesigned PlayStation Vita Side: Sony Vita Pocket concept by Justin Quinn.

The Sony Playstation Vita is the next generation follow up to Sony’s PSP handheld. With its 5” OLED touch screen, rear touch pad and quad core CPU, the Vita is truly cutting edge. So far, reveiws for the Vita have been mostly positive. However, the Vita is not without its faults. A lot of people have complained about the Vita’s lack of internal memory and short battery life. Two of the best features on the Vita are its dual analog sticks and big oled screen, but these features also make the Vita’s overall size somewhat big. This is why I made my own redesign.

This design was made in 3D Studio Max. The features of the Vita “Pocket” include:

1. Same 5” OLED screen and rear touch pad.

2. Compact pocket friendly sliding screen design.

3. Chrome accents for a more premium look.

4. Longer battery life.

5. Backlit face buttons (turn on via light sensor).

6. Front camera is now 3mp, back camera is now 5mp

7. 8gb built in flash memory  

I want this. Now. And kudos on the 8BG built-in memory. Lord knows the Vita needs it.