Sega Ages Coming to 360 and PS3

The Sega Ages series of re-releases started off on the Saturn (e.g. Space Harrier). When Sega went multi-platform, it transitioned to the Japanese PS2 (e.g. Monster World Collection, Treasure Box). Now it’s coming to current gen consoles.

The series is known for including tons of different versions of each game in the release. For example, some of the games on the PS2 Monster World Collection contain the Mark III, Mega Drive, and Sega-16 versions of the game. The disks really documented the history of each game, so hopefully that continues with these download-only versions.

The games currently slated for release are Miracle World, Super Shinobi, Super Hang-On, and three Wonder Boy / Monster World titles. It may be silly to get excited over this sort of thing, but the menus look absolutely amazing. They reflect the console that each title was released on. Check out the arcade and Mega Drive / Genesis menus above.

So far these have only been announced for Japanese consoles, but I’m betting they’ll appear in the west, too.