G.I. Joe x Danger Girl!?

Last year Danger Girl crossed over with Ash for Danger Girl and the Army of Darkness. I never got around to reading it, but the concept alone was enough to send my groin region into spasms.

Now, announced on IDW’s Facebook page with the message CROSSOVER OF THE CENTURY ALERT: DANGER GIRL and GI JOE are teaming up! Campbell! Hartnell! Royle! Barber! Dunbier!, Abbey Chase (dressed as Baroness above) and the girls will be teaming up with freaking G.I. Joe! THE REAL AMERICAN HEROES!

Danger Girl‘s style of sexy espionage seems like a good fit for G.I. Joe‘s battlefield action, plus it’ll be cool to see something innocent from my childhood mixed with the salaciousness of Danger Girl.

(via Robot 6)