And The Winner Of Our Star Wars Kinect Giveaway Is…

Game over, man. If you didn’t enter, I feel bad for you. Just kidding. The only person who should feel bad for you is you for being such a slacker.

To the lucky winner, CapitalizedSenseFailUnorthodoxicaly, congratulations! You officially have THE longest Tumblr handle I’ve ever seen. Also, YOU WON SOME FREE STUFF!! We’ve contacted you for your shipping info so our rad amigos over at Brisk can send you a copy of Star Wars Kinect for Xbox 360 along with a bottle of Brisk that can be scanned by your Kinect to unlock Anakin’s podracer! Lucky devil, you. Now go force your friends and family to visit Albotas each and every day for the rest of all time!

A huge thanks goes out to Brisk for sponsoring shindig and all of you rad dudes/dudettes for reading this geeky fruit cocktail of a site. To those of you who didn’t win, thanks for playing and keep an eye out for more contests coming soon. Who knows, you just might be a winner!

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