Each month, Kaiyodo puts out a new super-articulated toy for its Yamaguchi series, usually based on a giant robot. Hit the link to find out what’s available today and what’s coming out in the next few months.

This month you can pick up the mass production Evangelion model (#118). It has a huge wing span because apparently giant robots need wings to fly. The Mass Production Eva comes with a Spear of Longinus, so be careful not to poke your eye out.

June will see the release of a new Gurren Lagann figure (#119). I don’t think there’s been a Revoltech figure from this series since 2009, so fans will probably dig this. It comes with a drill and sparkly platform for dramatic drilling action.

July will be a triple threat: Two dragons one robot. Yep, dragons.

There have been two versions of Zone of the Enders’ Jehuty already, so I rolled my eyes when I first saw this third one (#120). Then I realized it comes with a vector cannon. A big-ass vector cannon. I can’t justify having another Jehuty figure, but if you haven’t picked one up yet, this is the one to get.

Rioreusu is a character from Capcom’s Monster Hunter series of games. The figure will come in two flavors – red (#121) and blue (#121EX). They have a 285mm wingspan and come with fireballs. A neat bonus is the scale model of the player character, equipped with giant sword. The only difference between the red and blue figures is the paint; they are from the same sculpt.

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