A Little Bit on the ‘Your Patch Needs a Patch’ Side: I usually wait until a game gets a physical release with all the DLC before I buy, but with all the hubub about the game’s ending, I picked up Mass Effect 3 when it was on sale a few weeks ago. The game had a glitch where players couldn’t import their custom characters’ faces if they were created in ME1 like mine (as opposed to ME2). But I heard that Bioware had patched the issue so I didn’t worry. Well, I finally threw the game in yesterday, let the 360 apply the patches, and guess what. My face is still broken.

I checked out Bioware’s support forums and it looks like the patch fixed the problem for most players but not all. It’s been about a month since this has been discovered but Bioware haven’t even acknowledged the problem. Good thing I’ve invested 80 hours into this character.

Now that consoles are almost always connected to the Internet, there’s no escaping the mentality of “ship now, patch later,” so I tend not to complain. But when your patches don’t even fix the problem I tend to regret giving you my $40.