Urban Outfitters x Kidrobot Live Sketch Recap

I went to Urban Outfitters’ Live Sketch event last week and it was actually pretty fun. There weren’t a whole lot of people, and strangely enough, none of them had ever customized a toy before. We were given Kidrobot-branded markers but no paint, probably so that things didn’t get messy. I had never used the markers before and was pleasantly surprised. As expected, the ink was easy to smudge and left noticeable streaks, but the colors were vibrant. At the end of the event, one person won a Mega Munny. Unfortunately, he admitted that he was going to sell it. Oh well. Check out the results above.

There weren’t any artists at the Cambridge, MA event, but Shawnimal, Julie West, and Marka27 were at other locations. Their custom Munnys are available on Urban’s site.