Munny Monday Strikes Back!!!

Oldschool readers might remember our popular Munny Monday feature where we’d feature a new custom Kidrobot Munny figure each week and interview the artist who created it. It was awesome, but a bit time consuming and it was always tough relying on artists to get back to us with their interview answers.

With the ever-growing demand for us to feature more designer toy stuff on the site, Munny Monday has been reborn into a more bite-sized, easily digestible format that should be pleasing to your eyeballs and brain nodes. Each week we’ll be focusing on a different theme – this week’s theme: geeky stuff in general. Movies, games, comics, whatevs. Enjoy and let us know what you think in the comments!

  1. Avengers Munnys by spilledpaint88
  2. Deadpool Munny by deadpigs
  3. Mega Man Munny by Teagle
  4. Diablo III Monk by nedashi
  5. Pikachu speakers by boot-cheese-3000
  6. Genie by Joshua D Mason
  7. Jaffar by Joshua D Mason
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