There’s something about Kidrobot and bunnies that just works. New Dunnies every year, Labbits smorkin’ and non. Kidrobot and Frank Kozik recently released a series of Mini Labbits that contains Labbits of all sorts of bright colors with various accessories. Hit the link for Albotas’ review of the Kidrobot x Kozik Happy Labbit toys.

If you haven’t bought a Mini Labbit before, they’re about 1.5” each and come in a blindbox. Most Labbits either have a mustache or cigarette. They’re small enough that you can collect a small army of them without totally filling up your toy shelf.

This series is aptly named. Some of the Labbits are blowing bubbles while others are eating ice cream. They’re definitely happy, and I’m happy to say this is my favorite series of Mini Labbits yet. In fact, some of these are probably my favorite Labbits in general. The pink bubble blowing figure is ridiculously cute, and the aqua-colored ice cream Labbit has a great color scheme. A few of them even have sparkly colorways. Another cool and cute feature of this series is that several of the figures have little designs on their buttcheecks, My Little Pony style. The Labbits with ice cream accessories have a splotch of ice cream on their bunny bums while others have a cloud or an anarchy symbol.

This is actually the only time I’ve gotten a chase colorway from a random purchase. The Happy Labbit chase has a bright yellow paint job with an orange biohazard sign on it buttock and a silver gas mask as an accessory. I don’t know what’s happy about biohazards and toxic chemicals, but whatever – I’ll take it.

At $5 or $6 each, you can’t go wrong with the Happy Labbit series. This series is my newest obsession, and I’m sure I’ll be hunting down several more of the figures that I haven’t gotten in blindboxes. Pick up a few directly from Kidrobot.