Konami Almost Made This Fan-Made Metal Gear Ac!d Board Game Into A Real Thing.

Back in the early days of the PSP, there wasn’t a whole heck of a lot to play (kind of like how with Vita today). Instead of an actual full-on Metal Gear, we got Metal Gear Ac!d – a weird turn-based deck-building strategy game that felt more like a board game than the Metal Gear games we all knew and loved (and wanted more of) at the time. It wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t what gamers were expecting.

Metal Gear Ac!d wound up being popular enough to spawn a sequel and even managed to carve out its own niche of hardcore fans. One of those fans, by the name of Mike Wilson, loved the games so much that he spent two whole years making his own deck-building board game called Metal Gear Ac!d!c: Tactical Board Action which contained 120 unique cards.

And, believe it or not, Konami considered making Mike’s fan-made labor of love into a reality.

Mike writes on his Behance page:

This project brings back so many different memories from my time at school. Being a manic Metal Gear Solid fan, I was totally enthused with how the Metal Gear Ac!d PSP game worked, and on all my play-throughs (85 hrs total playtime) I just kept thinking to myself: “Wow, this would be awesome as a full-blown board game!”

So… at the start of 2005, production began and ideas started to try and translate the legendary game to the physical board; as part of a school Design Technology project. Being a wholly solo project, heaps of time was spent on producing upto 120 unique cards from all core Metal Gear games: MGS1, MGS2, MGS3 and the newly announced MGS4 (at the time). 

It was essential that the game accurately reflected the game-play of Metal Gear Ac!d; maintained the strategy, tactical and team-play mechanics of the virtual game. After using tools such as the school’s Laser Cutter, Pro Desktop, 2D Design, PowerPoint, Google and a standard home printer; the project was finally done and received major successful attention. Thus, scoring me a 97% mark for the subject.

Later on, the decision was made to actually approach Konami Japan about the game and to see about actually putting it into production. We got in through a contact in Konami Europe; and the game actually made a physical trip to the offices of Konami JPN. Although the idea was unfortunately not taken by Konami, a letter of thanks and appreciation was written from the European office. But more importantly for me; it had reached the eyes and attention of two very prestigious game designers: Hideo Kojima and Shinta Nojiri (Creator of Metal Gear Ac!d). Whilst no official word came from Kojima-san himself, Nojiri-san expressed that he “really didn’t think fans would go so far with his idea” and was really impressed by it.

That, made the whole two years completely worthwhile.
Them’s the breaks, Mike. Well, at least we have the Risk: Metal Gear Solid edition!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYDghqherDA]