Heisenberg Skull And Bones Resin Statues

Pretty In Plastic turned Tristan Eaton‘s Heisenberg Skull and Bones design into 5”x6” resin works of art. These pieces will be available tonight at Gallery 1988‘s Breaking Bad Art Project presented by BreakingGifs and come in three different flavors; the Hazmat Yellow and Black Lung colorways are limited to 40 pieces each and will set you back $100 apiece while the Blue Sky edition is limited to 20 pieces and runs $125.

Pretty In Plastic also shared this image on Instagram.

One can only hope that this is the packaging for the resins.

The only thing that would make these cooler is if there was a single random Blue Sky edition with a fly in it. If you don’t get why that would be awesome, you’re clearly not watching the best show on television.

(via Plastic and Plush)