Metal Gear Movie, Social Game, And Open-World Game Announced

Awwww snap! At last night’s Metal Gear 25th Anniversary event in Japan. Here’s a quick rundown of the big announcements.

THE MOVIE: Columbia Pictures and Sony own the rights. Marvel Studio founder and CEO Avi Arad will be producing it. He also produced The Amazing Spider-Man, so take from that what you will.

THE SOCIAL GAME: Titled Metal Gear: Special Ops, the social mobile game will hit iOS and Android devices later this year. It’s being developed by GREE, who recently came under fire earlier this year for implementing GACHA services into their games. GACHA is this digital equivalent of a gashapon machine or blindboxed toys; players pay real money for random in-game items, but it became a problem when school children started racking up $2,000 bills trying to complete their in-game collections. GREE has since removed it from their games. Konami, Zynga, Namco Bandai, and Sega, along with many other Japanese developers have also used the GACHA system.

THE OPEN-WORLD GAME: Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero takes stealth action into open-world environments letting you ride vehicles radio in for support if you get caught. Sounds freaking amazing Oh, and it runs on the new FOX Engine which is supposed to be pretty gnarly. Check out Kotaku for more info.

We don’t know about you dudes, but we’re fuckin’ psyched!

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