The PS3 Gets A Slim New Redesign. Again.

Last night at a pre-Tokyo Game Show event, in an attempt to prolong the lifespan of the PS3, Sony unveiled the latest PS3 design. This new model is 25% smaller and 20% lighter than the current PS3 slim and will come in 250GB and 500GB HDD models.

The 500GB will set you back $299.99 and the 250GB model will be available for $269.99 as a limited edition bundle packed with Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception Game of the Year Edition and a $30 downloadable content voucher for Dust 514.

But here’s the bad news…

It doesn’t play PS1 or PS2 games.



No biggie, though. You can download just about all the good ol’ stuff anyway. Plus, the discs top-load which totally reminds me of back in the day, so that’s cool.