Chunky Fries Plush – Hipsta Gangsta Edition By Veggisomething

Veggiesomething‘s fast food plushie is quite possibly be the coolest looking plush toy we’ve seen all year.

From the artist:

Chunky Fries was first created by me for the Soft Serve plush show at OhNo!Doom Gallery last December. The plush was inspired by my love for both french fries and the band Suicidal Tendencies. People seemed to have really liked the plush, but I was unable to make more of it efficiently as each one would take me about 6 hours to complete. Therefore, I made some slight modifications and decided to have a factory make them for me.

This particular version of Chunky Fries is called the Hipsta Gangsta edition. The face features a moustache and one of the fries has an aioli dip. (The hipsta parts.) It also has a switchblade tucked under a blue bandana. (The gangsta parts.)

Chunky Fries stands in at  7”x7”x2.5” tall and will be available at retail shops and the Official Veggiesomething Shop soon.

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Robby "brownkidd" Weiss is a video marketing producer in real life who likes drawing and making stupid songs for his own pleasure in addition to indulging in the wide variety of interests featured on this very site. He has four cats (not by choice) and is an enormous fan of the female anatomy.