LittleBits: Yoshi volcanoes, color-changing Tetris coffee mug, a dancing stingray, and more!

  1. Epic color-changing Tetris coffee mug.
  2. The Wii U doesn’t come out until November 18th, but Isiah “Triforce” Johnson is already the first dude in line for one. He’s either really rich or still lives with his parents.
  3. The PS3 has been hacked. For good.
  4. In 1904 there was a man named Louis Coulon who had an 11-foot beard that he could put his cat in.
  5. You should probably watch this baby stingray do a cute little dance.
  6. Reservoir Dogs and Pulp Fiction are heading back to theaters for one night only in December.
  7. This one time a volcano erupted and the smoke looked like Yoshi.