Gizmo Duck Custom Kidrobot Mascot By Nikejerk

If you grew up in the 80’s, then there was a pretty good chance that DuckTales was your jumpoff and you recognized the crime-fighting robot Gizmo Duck as one of the greatest characters on the show. Jared Cain aka Nikejerk brings back our childhood with this tremendously awesome custom.

From the artist:

This is the chase Kidrobot Mascot for the 2nd Battle of the Mascots Series titled New vs. Old. I did a total of 3 figures. 2 were the same, and this is the only Gizmo Duck that I made so it is a one off. Only I think half the people involved were chosen to make a chase.

Fact: I used to wake up early every Saturday morning and watch DuckTales while eating a bowl of Ghostbusters cereal back in the day. Man, I’m old.

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