Maré Odomo Has A Book And You Should Buy It

Seriously. You totally should. If you’re wondering why, just Google “Letters To An Absent Father.”


Hi guyssss.

I’m selling a phone-friendly PDF, collecting 200 pages of comics and drawings from 2010-2012, to raise money for my web hosting.

Contains comics about video games, girls, and junk food and noodles. And nature and going home and cute little kids~

Drawn in Seattle, San Jose, San Francisco, LA, New York, and the Baltimore/DC area. Probably some other places too.

200 pages for $10 = 5 cents per page. That’s not bad, right?

HIGHLY recommend that you read this on your phone, on a bus, on a cold day, with coffee in your other hand. Or in bed, under the covers, when you can’t fall sleep. Third option: The Bathroom, while you’re doin’ stuff.

Buy here!

Paypal here!

Thank you <3

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Robby "brownkidd" Weiss is a video marketing producer in real life who likes drawing and making stupid songs for his own pleasure in addition to indulging in the wide variety of interests featured on this very site. He has four cats (not by choice) and is an enormous fan of the female anatomy.