1 Comic You Should Be Reading in 2013

I’m not going to bullshit you here. I was originally planning on doing a numbered list on comics you should be reading in 2013. I was going to list a number of comics (people love reading list articles that aren’t listed in intervals of five or two nowadays, so it probably would’ve been 13 comics) I’m currently enjoying that I can wholeheartedly agree with recommending to complete strangers and friends alike, but I honestly can’t do that. To get the most bang out of your comic bucks from DC/Marvel, you’d need to subscribe or read alongside a handful of other titles to get the full effect of certain titles, and I can’t recommend reading certain comics that will take huge chunks out of your wallet at a time.

But I can recommend the fuck out of one thing for sure.People, listen closely. Read the shit out of Saga. It’s really fucking good.

This goes for anyone who isn’t into comic books, but would like to join in on reading a title. For those of you who regularly read comics and avoid this title, stop being a little shit and just buy the recent trade and catch up. For those skeptical, try it. You’ll like it. Honest.

This comic book was created by Brian K. Vaughan, the genius behind the Y: The Last Man series. Art and some co-ideas are handled by Fiona Staples, who beautifully draws each issue. And the entire thing is great so far. It’s described by Image comics as Star Wars action meets Game of Thrones drama, while I will simply claim it’s a new phenomenal title for the space-fantasy genre, and it demands to be read. Saga is epic, expansive, surreal, and fresh — it’s something brand new that comic books have been needing for a while now. 

Really though, the first six issues are out right now on store shelves and collected as one trade paperback book. If you’re looking for a jump into comic books, look for further. This is something you can ride with and look forward to through 2013.

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