Iron Bounty Hunter Art

Looks like Tony Stark took up another job in the galaxy.

This fantastic art piece is an example of the quality work coming out of the Stan Winston school of the character arts. Yes, there is a school for the special effects and design of amazing movie monsters. Stan Winston was the mastermind who brought the Alien Queen and Dinosaurs from Jurassic Park to life.

The Winston school was also responsible for the creation of the practical Iron Man suit.

If you’ve ever dreamed of doing character design or special effects, you can subscribe to the school to get step-by-step videos.

With both Lucasarts and Marvel both under the Disney hood now, maybe we will see an official cross-over of the universes. Maybe in Kingdom Hearts III… Whenever that will be.

Paint Job was done by Matthew J. Hideousboi

(Spotted on the Stan Winston School Facebook)

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