Video: What Do Those Often-Cited Studies Really Say About Video Games and Violent Behavior?


With the media storm scrambling to find a scapegoat for the all too often occurrences of gun violence (instead of looking deep within the rooted issues of our culture) video games have once again come under fire for being violent.

Luckily, the fantastic news show The Young Turks is here to shed some light on what the often cited-by-conservative-news-monkey studies really have to say.

Spoiler: The studies actually go as far to cite the problematic testing techniques and hard to define aspects of the studies. Even more surprising is the fact that these studies, which are cited quite a lot, even note that there are many other factors that attribute to violent behavior.

One of those factors is access to guns.

Again, the same pundits that try to use video games as a scapegoat in order to A) keep the gun lobby strong and B) prevent people from looking deeper at the real issues, are in fact citing from a source that notes that guns are more of an important factor in violent behavior than video games are.

However, i think that the real thing to take away from this is the fact that there needs to be more research into the issues of violent behavior and video games. The more hard facts we have, the easier it will be to defend ourselves.

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