“Runaway Love” Moonrise Kingdom Art Print

Artist Michael Rogers brings us an awesome piece of Moonrise Kingdom art.

Moonrise Kingdom stands as my 2nd favorite Anderson film, behind Rushmore for those curious. I loved everything about it and it was tied with Beasts of the Southern Wild last year as my favorite film(s).

I have a deep love for all things Wes Anderson, even going as far to use him as inspiration for the majority of films I make. I love his visual style and his quirky humor and has funny yet a little sad stories. As a result of this admiration, I find myself collection Anderson items and placing them around my room. This art piece will look perfect on my wall of framed Wes Anderson prints.

This print is available to purchase on Michael Rogers’ Etsy. If Wes Anderson isn’t your style, he also has numerous other awesome prints for sale.

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