Great Micro-short Documentary on Minecraft and Kids

Britt McTammany brings us a compelling and beautifully shot micro-short on Minecraft and how it brings gamers, particularly younger kids, together. It’s incredible to see how well the young subjects of the documentary work together to achieve a common and often very creative goal.

Used at home and even within classrooms, Minecraft has become a space built by its community through hosting some of the Best Minecraft Servers for players of many different backgrounds to get together and play in a vast virtual setting. Community servers aren’t just the only way with other people of course. Many kids and teens have been inspired to get their own servers exclusively for their friends and classmates to play the game together. This is done either through buying a slot on a minecraft hosting servers or even by using one of their own computers to hold the server. The lengths we go through for a shared experience are remarkable and it’s something that is touched upon in the documentary quite well.

This experience isn’t something that has changed over the years. Minecraft has become and still continues to be popular. There are several reasons for this widespread fame. For starters, Minecraft can be anything you want. From prison games to manhunts, you can design any level based off your imagination. Much like Lego, the objective here is to build your world using digital blocks. Moreover, you can create your own servers with the help of a hosting service of choice (Ramshard game hosting, for example), so that you can enjoy hours of multiplayer gaming with your friends building on skyblocks or fighting in factions.

There are a variety of ways that Minecraft is used to bring friends and families together, for instance, you can join player-made servers or download launchers similar to tLauncher (or Tlcharger tLauncher if you’re French). So, it isn’t surprising that Minecraft is looking to move to different media.

This short raises a lot of interesting things about Minecraft and make me want to see more. Hopefully, the subject can be tackled by Britt in a longer format.

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