Great Making of XCOM Mini-doc


Perhaps you may have noticed, but I have a thing for finding mini-documentaries on nerd culture and bringing them to a wider audience. I love being able to support filmmakers. As a filmmaker, I know how hard getting an audience is and my hope is that I can help get people that audience. The same goes with art and other stuff.

Here we have a fantastic short documentary on the making of XCOM: Enemy Unknown from Polygon. It chronicles Jake Solomon’s struggle in making a new XCOM and how Sid Meier helped out.

This is a really beautifully shot documentary. I really enjoyed it. XCOM was one of my favorite games last year. This mini-doc brings us into the world of creating it and touches on the deeper theme of the struggle to make games and the value of a mentor. You can read more about the subject on Polygon’s website. You can also follow Polygon on Twitter.

Also, if you or anyone you know have a film on a topic like gaming or anything within the realm of geek culture, email me at

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