An Interesting Article on What Sony Should Do to Succeed With the PS4

Earlier this week, I wrote about a rumor that Edge broke news on. That rumor stated that Microsoft will not be allowing playable used games for their next console. There were a couple of other things mentioned in that write-up with the next Microsoft system, but hardly any of the 5,000+ notes on Tumblr had any opinion or 2 cents on those other new features, such as the console’s new blu-ray format, or the new Kinect being bundled with the next Xbox.

Well, in case some of you weren’t aware already, Sony has patented technology that could very well stop the use of used games on their next console. It’s also been rumored for the last two years that both Sony and Microsoft will indeed be stopping used games from being playable at all on their next gen consoles.

Also, for those of you upset with this tactic and think that neither company would ever do this: stop being naive. They’re both companies who need money. That’s what they do. Simple as that.

Steam does it now. You cannot sell or lend out a previously purchased PC game you have bought from Steam. Same idea here, except with consoles. Granted, neither Microsoft or Sony price their digital games low enough to make me want to purchase them online as opposed to handling physical copies, but I’m sure that would change in the future gen of consoles. Hopefully…

And stop kidding yourselves — you’re not going to buy a Wii U if Microsoft or Sony “betrayed” you. You weren’t planning on that ever. Most of you have jobs and can afford more than one console, so I don’t see the need for elitism with sticking with one system for one entire generation of video game systems when you can simply buy another.

So now I’m going to make this perfectly clear before I go on with saying this. I’ll even bold this next statement, as to not confuse some of you with this post.

It’s rumored that the next PlayStation will not be backwards compatible and the next Xbox might not be either. Veteran gaming journalist, Chris Morris, speculates that the new technology being brought onto both upcoming systems will not allow either console to achieve that task. 

Reading some headlines on Kotaku this afternoon, I found this article I’d really like you all to take the time and read, written by Chris Morris. The article goes in-depth into explaining what exactly needs to be accomplished for Sony to succeed with their upcoming PlayStation 4 console. Pretty damn great ideas and a very realistic look on what Sony will be doing with their upcoming console. Read it here. It’ll get you pumped, from a business aspect at least.

And yes, rumors are rumors. But sometimes they can be true. Sometimes.

We may know more about the PlayStation 4 in less than two weeks. Sony has planned a press conference for February 20, and many speculate it’s for the PlayStation 4.