We’re launching a Kickstarter on March 1st to make this site fresher, radder, more… adequate. We want to film a regular series of minidocumentaries about passionate people creating fantastic things. We want to finally be able to afford travelling to all the press events we get invited to. We want to bring you video interviews with your favorite actors, directors, cartoon creators, game developers and more.

In a nutshell, we want to bring you more of the fresh content that brought you here in the first place, only on a much LARGER scale.

Not only that, but we want to turn this site into a legitimate business – a full-blown brand. Original videos, podcasts, livestreams, t-shirts, stickers, convention booths, the whole 9 yards.

Our goal is gonna’ be pretty big, but with over 120,000 Tumblr followers and around 1,000 new followers every day, we’re pretty sure we can make it happen. A project like this takes way more to finance than the site makes from ads in a month (which is about enough to buy a used sports game if we’re lucky).

So far we have some pretty amazing incentives planned. Check it.

  • PC/tablet/smartphone wallpaper pack with a buttload of wallpapers designed by some insanely talented artists like Byron BusligMaré Odomo, Erick Scarecrow, and former editor of Electronic Gaming Monthly/founder of Shawnimals, Shawn Smith!
  • An Albotas Papercraft figure designed by Mekazoo
  • A compilation of exclusive chiptune tracks by swell dudes like Ro-Bear and a bonus track by DJ Cutman
  • A hardcover book featuring some of our favorite Daily Graffiti pix from over the years
  • A hardcover book featuring some of our favorite geeky custom toys we’ve featured over the years
  • An exclusive resin figure of our Albotapus mascot produce by Shinbone Creative

We’ve been hard at work planning this project for close to three months now and we’d really like to see all the effort we’ve put into this site over the years pay off. This is our chance to create something truly unique and shine a spotlight on creators and projects that would otherwise go unnoticed. This is our chance to bring all corners of geek culture and creativity into one place like never before.

If you are an artist, brand, or chipmusician who would like to be involved with our Kickstarter backer incentives, please email brownkidd@albotas.

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Thanks and stay awesome,
Robby “brownkidd” Weiss