Marvel Teams Up With Vans For Limited Edition Sneakers

If there’s one thing nerds and sneaker heads both have in common, it’s their undying love for all things limited edition. These fresh kicks feature Spider-Man, Iron Man, Captain America, and there’s even a pair with The Avengers with Hulk and Thor in the mix. Look out for a pair at your nearest Vans retailer this Spring 2013.

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  1. Don Schwabs

    “Does anybody remember the slice of gum that came with Topps cards back in the day?”
    The ones that break your jaw when you try to chew them? They were awesome tasty…for around a minute. I do love my ghetto candy.

    • brownkidd

      I went threough this nu-metal phase in high school (don’t worry, it only lasted like a month) and I bought one of the Family Values Tour live albums. It totally came with a pack of cards with gum!!! It’s in the basement somewhere… I should go look for it and see if the gum’s still any good. I think that stuff can survive nukes.

  2. Don Schwabs

    So this last week at work we were clearing out the old card shop owned by the warehouse and came across a box of these bad boys amongst hundreds of thousands of collectable cards:
    Topps MLB from 1988 cards WITH a stick of bubble gum! No-one has been game enough to crack one open and try it, though something tells me the gum will be as fresh as the day it was made 😀