I Live in Weeaboo City, Florida

Not really. But Orlando is pretty up on Wapan and the Wapanese culture. It all just kinda comes together at Epcot.

These photos are from a store located inside of Epcot’s World Showcase in the Japan pavilion. I snapped some photos tonight since I realize not everyone in the world gets a chance to go to Epcot, let alone Disney, as much as I do.

(I’ve got a year pass, and before you call me ‘lucky,’ realize that they cost $400 and I had to save up for a while to actually achieve it. Also, I’m not ‘lucky,’ for living next to Disney as Orlando is a terrible city.)

The store that sells these items is actually a real department store called Mitsukoshi. The store mainly exists on the east side of the world, with locations in Japan (where it originated from), Korea, Hong Kong, and China, with a few locations in Europe. The sole Mitsukoshi store that exists in all of North America is only at Disney’s Epcot in the Japan pavilion.

So it’s no wonder why so many weeaboos come to Epcot daily. And no, I don’t mean tourists who are interested in looking at Pocky all day, but I mean local/Floridian weeaboos. They really do exist there — I’ve seen them, and they come to Epcot pretty often.

There is a handful of kids who walk around the Japan pavilion and hang out there all day, spending tourist prices on Ramune and rocking their most stylish fedoras. Granted, I spend all day at Disney whenever I have the chance, but I also visit its three other parks, and I don’t choose to consume wasabi peas for dinner every chance I get to go. To each his own, I guess. Enjoy the photos of some of the merch located Mitsukoshi at Epcot, as well as a portion of my Saturday night.

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