LittleBits: James MacAvoy is the New Crow, ‘Wind Waker’ Inspired By 60’s Cartoon, and More!

This guy‘s awesome Calvin & Hobbes site was shut down due to a copyright claim and that makes me a sad panda. [via]

James McAvoy is the new Crow? Man, that guy really loves superhero movies. [via]

Paperman producer kicked out of the Oscars for throwing paper airplanes. Don’t worry, they let her back in. [via]

New set photos from The Amazing Spider-Man 2. God, why couldn’t they have just cast my future wife Emma Stone as Mary Jane from the start? [via]

J.J. Abrams wanted Mark Wahlberg to be in Star Trek, but the actor turned the job down because he didn’t understand the script. Obviously, he now regrets his decision. [via]

The Wii Mini is set to drop in Europe next month. So if you live in Europe and planned on getting a Wii sometime soon, congratulations. [via]

Jay & Silent Bob have a new animated movie and it’s touring the U.S. I hate to say it, but I kind of feel like I grew out of these guys in my early 20’s. [via]

Marvel Comics is teaming up with horror movie legend and godfather of zombie flicks George Romero for something zombie related that will release this fall. [via]

Not really news, but check out this trailer for the 1963 Japanese animated film The Little Prince and the Eight Headed Dragon. It’s art style inspired two little titles you may have heard of: Samurai Jack and The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. [via]


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