Motion-controlled Holograms Are A Real Thing Now

If Minority Report and Iron Man have you pining for a future where we can control glowy blue holograms with the flick of a wrist, pine no more, my friends because the future is now! Robbie Tilton created a gesture-controlled hologram using a computer monitor, a prism and Leap Motion.

Check it out in action below:

Fingers crossed that we’ll all have sweet Tony Stark computer setups within the next two years. We don’t know if we can go that far in all honesty, but after seeing this, it’s clear that holograms are coming on in leaps and bounds. What once seemed a far off reality, or perhaps something that would always stay a fantasy, is being brought to life. There’s even companies that are creating holograms for pure entertainment and shock value, used in theatre productions, promotional campaigns in the streets, and massive production shows like Eurovision. This business is Kaleida hologram company, making innovative and more realistic looking holograms as the days go on. Holograms really do create the shock value, seeing as it’s not common they’re seen in everyday life, and so work perfectly for promotional or entertainment purposes. If holograms have become a reality in our modern society, what else do we have in store? Bring on the flying cars…